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after Stretch VLC is ugly


I decided to upgrade from Jessie to Stretch last night. it seems to have worked though there are some oddities.

now VLC has grotesquely large control buttons ("Play," "Pause", etc.); the interface in general seems to run on a different 'theme' than before. the font size is ok.

I have tried the "forced window style" option under "preferences" but none of the various options affect the size of the control buttons. also looked at various 'skins' (awful!), no luck.

I have purged and re-installed VLC also to no avail. (used synaptic to catch various debris, VLC sprays all over the place.)

the only other application I've found which has undergone similar changes is Pan - the menu icons have a more 'pastel' look which I don't appreciate but otherwise it's ok. (I use a very limited set of 'apps' so there may be surprises lurking.)

tried finding an older version. they seem geared to Ubuntu; tried compiling, got an error about not finding 'debus-1'; figured I didn't want to obsess my way into another rabbit-hole. however I'm happy to compile if that's the ticket.

note a complication: I had Devuan installed and just did the Stretch update on top of it. not sure of the relevance (thus I mention it).

I don't recall the version of VLC on Jessie; it's "3.0.3 Vetinari" here.

I am using Trinity Desktop which maintains a version of KDE3.


Felmon Davis

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