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Re: Non-GUI Arduino IDE ?

Hi Jason.

Maybe, http://www.johncon.com/john/archive/sprawACM0.txt,
http://www.johncon.com/john/archive/sprawACM0.tar.gz, but I don't know
the "Upload", etc., commands to the Arduino. If you do, (or can find
out,) you can add them at the bottom of sprawACM0.c, second function
up, (where the "switch" statement is the command interpreter.)

Just an idea ...


Jason writes:
> Does anyone know if there is a console based Arduino IDE available for 
> Debian? I am interested in making a portable programmer that could be 
> taken out on a job to edit and upload Arduino programs on site, without 
> messing with a mouse.


John Conover, conover@rahul.net, http://www.johncon.com/

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