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getmail/mutt noob questions

mailServer == RPi3 Raspian Stretch (on a T1), IMAP
mailReceiver == supermicro 64 bit Buster, mbox

type = SimpleIMAPRetriever
server = srv.slsware.net
username = ghe
password = <redacted>

type = Mboxrd
path = /var/mail/ghe

verbose = 1
# read_all = false
# delete = true
message_log_syslog = true

They're running, but not quite

1) How do I get getmail to quit getting all the email on the server?
In mutt, I delete all the unwanted mail, and getmail just puts it back
next time I run it. And when I run it again, the emails are all in
there twice.

2) Is there any documentation on getmail besides the man page and some
howTo help on the web?

3) I seem to remember, from long ago, something about mutt ignoring
HTML email. Does it still? And if so, what does it do? Just pretend
they don't exist, or just display the text, or delete the HTML part
and display what's left? I don't see much about this in the man page,
and most of the stuff on the web isn't dated.

4) What do read_all, delete, and message_log_syslog mean?

Glenn English

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