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Re: blu-ray recommendations?


Kamil Jońca wrote:
> I'am  thinkig about external (usb) blu-ray recorder.

Brands or model names change frequently. I am happy with an ASUS BW-16D1HT
which seems still to be available. (My others are older.)
There are no brands with a specially bad reputation. Individual bloopers
happen. So the seller's warranty and replacement reputation matters.

In general, full height drives appear more reliable than half height.
I buy desktop SATA drives and put them into Delock 5.25" USB boxes.
But it seems that one can save a few dollars by buying an USB drive
that is glued into its box.

> It would be mostly used to create backups/archives.

I use my program xorriso. A few weeks ago i was asked to sketch how:

For backup tasks which do not fit on a single disc i use my program
suite scdbackup. It demands some individual installation effort and local
disk space. Thus it is not available as binary distro package:

Have a nice day :)


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