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Re: Paypal and Linux in a low graphics environment.

Joe wrote:

> That doesn't mean they allow their customers to use it.
> Think about it, the minimum wage call-centre people work from scripts.
> That's workable with Windows, of which there are only two
> near-identical versions supported by Microsoft. I don't know OSX, but
> I'd think pretty much the same was true by now.
> Now, how many Linux desktops are there? How many have moveable and
> customisable panels? How are you going to deal with that over the phone
> from a script? That's not even thinking about the command line, and
> which underlying distribution has which tools as 'standard'.

Exactly first of all linux desktop does not have significant market share to 
spent time on testing.
You have to prove your product is working in specific environment, so you
pick up perhaps Windows, Apple (iOS) and Android with respective versions
because these are the desktops having most of the market share. Then you
pick up some browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safary and particularly the
versions. and then finally you can perform the tests and prove the system
is working for this OS version and that browser, so forget this linux and
low graphics etc. You'll never achieve something, cause PayPal and similar
are mainly after the money. They will not spent a dime to make you happy.
In the world of HTML5 you are expected to have a decent browser with HTML4
or HTML5 and javascript support at least.


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