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Re: Paypal and Linux in a low graphics environment.

On Wednesday 14 November 2018 07:57:50 Stefan Monnier wrote:

> > "escalate" the call.  Paypal I think, runs on linux.
> You mean Android/Linux or GNU/Linux?
> In any case, this is like saying that Toyota uses diesel-powered
> vehicules to ship its cars (and parts), so of course its vehicules
> will also accept diesel.
>         Stefan
Chuckle. But now here's practicality, and offtopic:

In 1978 I was the CE at a tv station Now long gone because the market 
wasn't big enough. But since I started out in broadcast engineering at 
KOTA, I worked for and with the engineer at TEPCO, who made the 
microwave gear that intercepted 1/4 of a watt from the cross-country 
network backbone at a site called waterdog someplace north of the 
Umcompaugraphy(sp?) plateau in CO, and sent it on south thru two more 
hops to get to KIVA-tv just south of Farmington NM.  Needing to go fix 
something, I took the station owners '77 Bronco to our gas tradeout and 
filled the empty front tank up from the regular pump. Unknown to the 
station at the time, the tank truck driver had just filled the regular 
tank with super-diesel. I made it to about the corner west of town and 
had just turned north when I found the 303 was pinging like crazy on 
anything that resembled an upgrade, so I switched tanks, curing the ping 
in about a quarter mile. My trip was important, so I continued switching 
tanks, but stopped in Cortez and filled that tank up from the ethyl 
pump. After 30 more miles I was able to use a bit more throttle on the 
hills before switching tanks. I got to our site on North Mountain and 
found it dead, so had to go on north to the our first site, where I had 
to replace the transmitter klystron. By then I was looking at the gas 
gauge but took a chance and backed south, stopping at the Phillips Store 
at the bottom of north mountain where I again filled that tank with 
ethyl, and the other with regular, and I was able to use from the bigger 
tank all the way up north mountain with only an occasional ping.  The 
rest of that trip was uneventful, but it proved that within reason, a 
year old ford bronco could be run on super-diesel. Back to regular it 
ran like a scalded cat because all the carbon deposits had been blasted 
away, leaving its innards quite clean till it got carboned up again. 

Now back to the regularly scheduled the argument about passwds, with some 
of the arguments for short ones blowing my mind, probably posted by 
windows users at home who have not yet been hacked. Your time is coming.

My only encounter with paypal on the phone was rather nicely handled by 
the support person answering the phone. Several years ago now.

Historically, I've had more problems with ebay when I'm playing visiting 
fireman 2k miles from my home machine and trying to buy a card for a 
$12,000 commercial player whose scsi card had died. Took 3 days of 
yelling at them before they would give me the sellers address to 
complete the sale, their software was not able to authenticate/pass me 
as the buyer because at that site, I was forced to use an xp machine 
locked down by a firewall they need in Northern CA right now.

They weren't able to handle a familiar buyer useing a differrent machine 
2000 miles away from his home machine.

That call wound up being escalated 4 times before I got to someone who 
understood the problem, and gave me the sellers ebay address.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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