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Re: Password policy.

On 14/11/18 11:09 pm, Corey Manshack wrote:
> It may be that the Debian team is more in tune with their users. I’ve caught hell trying to convince old timers that their password of mark1 was incredibly horrible. People even tried to get me fired over my “strict” password policy.

There is often a very weak link that you cannot do anything about; but
of course, to them "you are the problem".... Dammed if you help them try
to understand damned if you don't.  Either way, lots of people have no
clue as to why it is important and don't think that re-using the same
stupid password all over the place is any kind of problem at all. :(

Some bad practices never get found out as well, but you have to do what
you can and perhaps one day they'll get bitten and realize that your
warnings were for real and very much worth listening to..


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