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Re: ssh

On 12/11/2018 13:49, Alan Taylor wrote:

I have an ssh problem - one user can use it successfully, another cannot. I have checked and rechecked permissions until I am blue in the face …
At the moment just trying to ssh into the same machine I am on for the problem user (the other user can ssh successfully, both to the console machine and outwards to others).
Agent problem ? The successful user was setup in the installation, the problem user was added at the command line after initial setup.

Log output follows, appears to fail after the preauth stage …

Any suggestions gratefully accepted

I can't give a definitive answer but I had a similar problem recently. The reason I can't be definitive is that it just went away. It was though an agent problem and it started following some system upgrades and only showed itself on a single box and when being used non-interactively.

This doesn't look like your situation but it may be related.

Check for the existence of socket files in /tmp (along the lines of /tmp/ssh-????????/agent.??????), on a per user basis. Try to ssh using said socket file something along the lines of;

'SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/ssh-????????/agent.?????? ssh -p blah blah'

this worked for me, but as I say, it weirdly went away before I found the real underlying problem. I now don't need to use this mechanism, dunno why and I was too busy to continue to track it down.

Hope this helps.
Mike Howard

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