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Re: ssh

On 11/12/18 5:49 AM, Alan Taylor wrote:

Hi.  :-)

I have an ssh problem - one user can use it successfully, another cannot. I have checked and rechecked permissions until I am blue in the face …
At the moment just trying to ssh into the same machine I am on for the problem user (the other user can ssh successfully, both to the console machine and outwards to others).
Agent problem ? The successful user was setup in the installation, the problem user was added at the command line after initial setup.

Trouble-shooting can be tedious...

Log output follows, appears to fail after the preauth stage …

Any suggestions gratefully accepted

root@sirius/etc/ssh # journalctl | grep sshd | grep "Nov 12 13:45"

I would enter the following commands into the indicated accounts and computers, substituting place holders with actual values (USERNAME, SSH_CLIENT, SSH_SERVER). If you still don't see it, cut and paste your console sessions into a reply:

1.  As the user having problems on the computer having problems:

	$ whoami

	$ hostname

	$ cat /etc/debian_version

	$ uname -a

	$ dpkg-query -W openssh-client

	$ ls -aFl /home/USERNAME/.ssh

	$ ssh -v SSH_SERVER

2.  As root on the SSH server:

	# hostname

	# cat /etc/debian_version

	# uname -a

	# dpkg-query -W openssh-server

	# ls -aFl /home/USERNAME/.ssh

	# grep USERNAME@SSH_CLIENT /home/USERNAME/.ssh/authorized_keys

	# tail /var/log/auth.log


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