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Re: pushd/popd

On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 11:58:53PM -0600, David Wright wrote:
> BTW whenever I change directory in scripts, I make sure that I'm in a
> subshell by using ( and ), which guarantees that I get back to the
> same directory however the script finishes.

Depends on the script.  For scripts that change directory more than
once (e.g. a software building script that runs "make" in several
directories, one by one), I concur.  That is sound advice.

For a script that only changes directory once and then does everything
from that directory (e.g. a wrapper), a subshell may be the exact
opposite of what's wanted.  In such cases, you would simply do
"cd /some/where || exit" at the top of the script.

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