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Re: portable CD players

On 18-11-10 06:11:34, mick crane wrote:
Does anybody know about these portable CD players like Sony Discman ?
On the PC I
"play stories.m3u"
where "stories.m3u" is just a list of mp3 files from librivox.org

If I put them on a CD will Discman play them, with a menu selection ?
Are they ATRAC or something ?
Any particular format needed ?
Any recommendations for CD player ?


FWIW There are CD players out there that support MP3, if you really have to go with CD.


You can put MP3s directly onto the disc and play them. This allows you to fit a lot more music on.

However, it's less versatile because _every_ CD player you want to use with the disc also has to support MP3. Just something to consider.

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