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Re: Scribus has stopped importing PDF files - repost - original thread was hijacked

On 2018-09-26 2:45 p.m., Gary Dale wrote:
For the last few days, some Scribus documents I work with have stopped accepting PDF files within image frames. Prior to this, they would display a preview. Now new image frames that I create show just the file name, but some older frames within the document still show the preview.

When I export the document as a PDF, the frames that just display the file name export as empty/blank. The older frame that shows a preview causes the export to stop with an error saying it was unable to load the image.

I'm not sure if this is related to something in the PDFs or not. However it is happening on two documents I am working on.

The problem appears to be an incompatibility between Scribus and Ghostscript 9.25 since I've found mention of a similar problem (importing .eps files) on a Scribus list.

Does anyone know if the Debian maintainers are going to revert to an earlier version of Ghostscript or bring the fix down from an experimental version of Scribus to fix this? Whatever the solution, the current situation is not good enough to allow Buster to become Stable.

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