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Re: Archiving content of a directory on a DVD-R.


> The cdrecord "personality" is used to present a familiar 
> legacy syntax?

It helped a lot to get people to trying it out.

> Can the same result be reached using xorriso with no personality?

No. The cdrecord emulation option interface is the only way to achieve
the classical division between ISO producer and optical burn program.

The cdrecord emulation and its enhancements towards cdrecord and wodim
is documented in man 1 xorrecord:
For the mkisofs emulation (which we did not use yet in this thread) see

> To my thinking, all the examples 
> in https://www.gnu.org/software/xorriso/ assume an ISO 9660 filesystem. 

Most of them, but not all. There is an example for image burning

  Burn an existing ISO image file to medium

   Actually this works with any kind of data, not only ISO images: 
       $ xorriso -as cdrecord -v dev=/dev/sr0 blank=as_needed image.iso

and an example for piping into xorriso -as cdrecord:

   Perform multi-session runs as of cdrtools traditions

   Between both processes there can be performed arbitrary transportation
   or filtering.
   The first session is written like this: 
   $ xorriso -as mkisofs prepared_for_iso/tree1 | \
      xorriso -as cdrecord -v dev=/dev/sr0 blank=fast -multi -eject - 
   Follow-up sessions are written like this:
   $ dd if=/dev/sr0 count=1 >/dev/null 2>&1
   $ m=$(xorriso -as cdrecord dev=/dev/sr0 -msinfo)
   $ xorriso -as mkisofs -M /dev/sr0 -C $m prepared_for_iso/tree2 | \
     xorriso -as cdrecord -v dev=/dev/sr0 -waiti -multi -eject -
   Always eject the drive tray between sessions.

As one can see, the coordination of both roles is complicated and error prone.
That's why xorriso with its native command set integrates both tasks.

(Further, a command set makes possible much a finer definition of the job
 than a heap of options can. You can let xorriso do things before or after
 other things, which sometimes makes a big difference.)

Have a nice day :)


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