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Re: dovecot, openssl, TLS1.0

On Tue, 6 Nov 2018 15:15:48 +0000
Jan Foniok <jan@foniok.ch> wrote:

Hello Jan,

>Is there a package that needs to be installed for that to happen?

I believe that exim is installed (at least in part) for this.
>On my postfix installation there is no sysadmin alias (there is system,

I didn't mean sysadmin literally.  I meant it as in "whoever has the
role of sysadmin".  Usually root, IIRC.  I know I changed it on my
system to have the mail sent to my username.  That was nearly ten years
ago, and I cannot remember what I did to change it.  I do know it wasn't
too difficult, though(0).

>admin, and many others). Nor is there any sign of undelivered emails to
>sysadmin in the mail logs.

Look in /var/mail/ and see what user names exist, and what, if any, mail
exists in their relevant directories.  This may require superuser
privileges(1) to enable you to access all mail directories.

(0)  Otherwise, I wouldn't have done it.   :-)

(1)  IDK for sure, since there's only one user listed under /var/mail/ on
my system - my username.

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