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Re: selinux and debian squeeze 9.5

> > squeeze!
> Speaking of obvious — the OP says 9.5, so presumably they _meant_ to say
> Stretch — no?

It does not say "9.5" anywhere in the original post.  It does, however,
say 9.5 in the Subject header.  Unfortunately, we have a divide here.
Newbies think that putting information in the Subject header is actually
a good idea, that people will read it, and even worse, that if information
is in the Subject, it does not need to be repeated in the body.

Veterans don't read Subject headers at all.  So we see only the word
"squeeze", and you get that reaction.

We've been conditioned over several decades to ignore Subject headers
because they are meaningless noise.  Occasionally we may have to use
one as a reference in order to find a thread in a web-based archive.
In that case, the Subject header is like a message ID string.  It's just
randomly generated characters with no semantic meaning.

We don't read banners on the tops of web pages, either.  We've been
conditioned to learn that banners are advertisements, and therefore we do
not look at them.  (Which is why that green inserted "Download Debian 9.5"
button in the banner on https://www.debian.org/ is a horribly bad design.
Nobody will see it.  Because it's inside a web page banner.)

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