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Re: Creating a bootable (non-UEFI) backup copy of a bootable (non-UEFI) Debian hard disk

Le 03/11/2018 à 18:28, local10 a écrit :

The problem I have with grub is that there is a lot of contradictory information on the net as to how to use it. For example, here [1] it is said that just running grub-install is not enough.

I did not read the referenced thread, but indeed it is not enough in some situations.

Fiddling with disk UUIDs in different files every time I do a backup also does not sound like fun.

I admit it.

Is there a way to avoid this? What if the backup HD partition UUIDs are changed to be the same as the source HD UUIDs?

You'll get UUID collisions. Whenever a partition is searched by UUID and both drives are connected, you may find (and use !) the partition on either the original or backup one. This applies specially at boot time.

I guess my issue comes down to this: What is a (preferably easy) way to properly backup a working Debian HD to a backup drive, so the system would boot from the backup drive and function normally, including the user data and all installed packages?

What do you mean by "working" ? While the system is running ?

"dd if=/dev/sdsource of=/dev/sdbackup" comes mind but it did not work for me.

It won't work well if the source drive is "in use" (has mounted filesystems read-write).

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