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Debian laptop remote access authenticate with Active Directory?

I'm trying to set up a laptop that users can use for remote access to a Windows Active Directory Domain, and would appreciate some guidance in the right direction.  It looks pretty straightforward to get a Debian computer to authenticate with AD.  But I can't get my head around the remote access part.  In order to connect they would have to log in, and then connect via our VPN.  But if they need to authenticate with AD, how do they log in? Even windows isn't great with this, and it's their screwy system. If a new user just grabs a windows laptop and tries to log in at a remote location, it will fail. They have to log in onsite first to get their credentials cached, and then they will be able to log in remotely.  Setting up something like this in Debian would be great.  Any ideas?
John L. Cunningham

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