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Re: Migrating Debian installation to a new motherboard

31. Oct 2018 19:37 by mstone@debian.org:
There shouldn't be a -

"ip a" is probabably more interesting than ip l.

"ip a" shows two interfaces:

1. lo


2. enp3s0 (broadcast, multicast, up,...)

    link/ether "address here"

    inet6 "address here"/64 scope link noprefixroute

         valid-lft forever preferred-lft forefer

Note that the 2nd interface is enp3s0 not enp2s0 as I have  in /etc/network/interfaces. This, as I understnd it, is due to the motherboard migration (I replaced the mb in my Buster PC, the system booted and seems to work fine, except for the networking).

Sorry for typos, posting from my phone. Thanks


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