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Re: any program that search for same files?

On 14.10.18 22:06, Long Wind wrote:
> given two directories, the program can print files that are in both directories
> to make it easy, if file name and size are same, then they are same
> i've to admit my memory is poor, if good, who need such program?
> i'm about to write it in java, it can be completed in a few hours
> but i think there might be simple solution

What I use with full satisfaction is just "diff -qr dir1 dir2", though
that does actually diff the files. So it suits well for double checking
a backup to flash stick. N.B. My paranoia began after one stick showed
corrupted bytes _without_ any change in file size. I.e. size is no guide.

My favourite was once the dircmp script, from AT&T, back in 1988. Google
shows others have sought it since, but I've not seen it on Linux.


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