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Re: Preseeding the Debian Install: how do you disable the CDROM-detect from running, I'm installing from loop/ISO - also shared/enter_device etc?

On Sun 14 Oct 2018 at 21:50:22 +0530, Veek M wrote:

> How do you disable the 'Detect and Mount CD-ROM' when preseeding via
> grub cmdline.
> I do:
> loopback loop0 (hd0,3)/files/debian_9.5-amd64-DVD-1.iso
> linux (loop0)/install.amd/vmlinuz locale=en_GB.UTF-8 etc...
> initrd (loop0)/install.amd/initrd.gz
> after pressing 'c' in GRUB
> I get the very annoying cdrom-detect program running which prompts me
> to insert a CD. Since this is a ISO install, I want to skip that.

I wonder whether there is such an option. It does not make sense in the
context of a netinst image.

> Additionally, I am trying to preseed.cfg from
> (hd0,3)/files/preseed.cfg and this does not work because /hd-media is
> not created or mounted - how do i fix this?

Probably by not using GRUB's loop facility.

> Also, what's the purpose of shared/ask_device
> and shared/enter_device
> I couldn't find docs for this

Documentation is in the Templates file of the iso-scan udeb. It's the
best you will get.

> Basically what I'm TRYING TO do is, use ONE USB to store the ISOs and
> preseed.cfg (sdb3), and install to another partition (either sdb1 or
> sdb2 depending on what I can get away with)
> [usually you extract the ISO to sdb1 and manually shove the
> pressed.cfg in there, AND THEN install to sdb2]

Parts of


could be of help.


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