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KVM network weirdness

I'm running an AMD64 server using Debian/Stretch.

I've just created a new Windows 7 VM using the Virtual Machine Manager GUI, starting with 2 IDE CD-ROMs so that I could install with virtio disk drivers for the qcow2 image.

The install went smoothly but when it finished, it didn't have network connectivity. I replaced the NIC with a virtio driver (it had been RealTek 8139) but that didn't help. The problem was that it wasn't getting a DHCP address from my router.

I logged into my router and noted that the router had a connection to it but showed it as self-assigned - one of the 169. addresses that Windows uses when it can't get one from DHCP. When I manually set the address, it also shows on the router but this time I get network access. I was able to activate windows and download almost 200 updates.

What I can't do is connect to the domain. I have Samba 4 running on the same server as the VMs. I have 3 other Windows VMs (XP, XP64 and Windows 10) running on the same server and they have all joined the domain (years ago). but for some reason I can't get this one to join. Windows can't contact the domain.

In the network setup, I did add the WINS server's IP address in the advanced settings. That didn't help.

My other virtual machines use all use DHCP, but as I mentioned, it doesn't seem to want to work on this one.

I also recently set up a real Windows 7 machine and added it to a different Samb4 domain without any problems (once I got the network driver working). And I recently re-added to other machines (one virtual, one real) to the that same network. I did notice that Windows seems to prefer DHCP reservation over static addresses in that domain, so perhaps I'm missing a network setting.

Any ideas?

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