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Re: Slow firefox and high cpu usage

Le 09/10/2018 à 02:04, Patrick Bartek a écrit :
First, Firefox is using 50% of your RAM.  That's way too much unless
you have very little RAM to begin with.  How much total RAM do you have?
My system has 8GB. Firefox Quantum only shows on average 3 to 4% RAM
usage even when streaming a video.

I have 8GB of RAM.

Also, check what those three "web contents" are.  I'm think THEY are the
cause of Firefox's slowness.  As I don't know what they are, I can't
hazard a guess as to what's causing the high CPU usage.  The only time
I've seen something like this is when an app has crashed into an
infinite loop of some sort.  "Kill" those one at a time and see what
happens to Firefox's CPU usage. Also, clear you cache.  Check to see if
files are being written continuously to your hard drive.

I think also these "web content" threads are the causes of my problem. But they appears even if I disable all modules.

FWIW, I'd purge Firefox and reinstall.  You're running Sid after all,
and all kinds of things can go wrong at any time.  Why ARE you running
Sid anyway?

I did purge and refresh (ie new profile) firefox. I don't complain for this bug. I use sid because I need last versions of some packages for my work.


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