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RE: dhcp service problem on stretch


David, your last info let me correctly purg the dhcp-server environment without recreating a new virtual machine, thanks.
> # apt-get purge
> with no arguments should do (and did) nothing. It's not like, say, the Vax purge command where no arguments means Operate On All Files.
> So specify for which packages to purge the configuration files.

Ok, just do update you guys/gals.
I think what happened is that I need to disable the
  INTERFACESv6="" line 
in the config, put a hash in front,  and then do a reboot of the server.
At the same time I had already specified the IPv4 interface, but I do not know if that was necessary. 

As long as I did not do a reboot of the server the services stop command did not work properly. Might have to do something with the face that maybe the IPv4 and IPv4 prococol use a different PID for the service and somehow stopping and starting the service does not go well if the interface definition and/or the dhcpdX.conf config file is not correct.
I have not invested enough time, nor do I have the need, to find out exactly what works and what does not.

Now after the reboot and a normal dhcpd.conf file for ipv4 all is well. :-)

Bonno Bloksma

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