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Re: Upgrading with a low data cap

On 10/7/18 6:32 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
All my machines have use Stretch DVD1 for installation.
I have a low monthly data cap - currently at my limit.
One machine has an apt-get update and upgrade with the addition of some packages not on DVD1.
I've not intentionally deleted any cached files.
Is it possible to use the cached data on another machine?
What should I be reading?

I use approx(8):

1. Install approx on whichever machine you want to be the apt(8) proxy for your LAN. See the first half of:


2. rsync(1) all the Debian packages in the apt cache directory (/var/cache/apt/archives) from all your machines to the same directory on the proxy.

3.  Run approx-import(8) on the proxy to populate the approx cache.

4. On the proxy, configure apt to use the proxy, run 'apt-get update', and run 'apt-get upgrade'. See the second half of the above URL.

5.  Repeat step (4) for all your other machines.


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