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Re: Thunderbird 60 ignores LC_TIME environment variable

On 2018-08-20 3:27 p.m., Stefan Pietsch wrote:
On 20.08.18 11:57, Curt wrote:
On 2018-08-20, Stefan Pietsch <s.pietsch@e2security.de> wrote:
Dear list,

after the upgrade from Thunderbird 52.9.1 to 60.0 (Debian sid) it seems
for me that the environment variable LC_TIME is ignored.

I used the following command to set 24h time format in Thunderbird.

$ LC_TIME=de_DE.utf8 thunderbird

This command doesn't work for me.

With Thunderbird 60 setting the LC_TIME or LANG variables will not help.
Can someone confirm this?

I can't confirm anything but this bug report


looks both pertinent, and, after a cursory read (recent posts re 60 toward the
bottom), discouraging concerning your plight (at least for the moment).

Thanks for the hint to that bug id.

I had to set the "Date and Time Formatting" option (exists since TB
version 56) in the Advanced Preferences AND the variable LC_TIME when
starting Thunderbird to get it working.


The date and time option for me has two choices:

	Application locale: English (United States)
	Regional settings locale: English (Canada)

The result for me is the same for both. It is the ISO 8601 format for the date, but for time the format is 12 hour plus AM/PM.

How did you manage to the ISO 8601 time format be setting the LV_TIME format?

Regards, Ken

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