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Not finding openssl during a pkg build (mailsend)

cat /etc/debian_version


Trying to compile a tool called `mailsend'

(Which does not appear to be available in the regular repo).

But cannot get it to find openssl.

I do have openssl and libssl-dev installed;

-------       -------       ---=---       -------       -------


A check of apt-get search openssl

A quick check of ./configure file suggests using:

 grep [\-]-with.*openssl ./configure
  --with-openssl=PATH     where the root of OpenSSL is installed
  --with-openssl-includes where the OpenSSL includes are.
  --with-openssl-libraris where the OpenSSL library is installed.

I tried --with-openssl=/usr/bin/openssl



using dpkg -L and `grep -v' (to keep down the amount of data) shows:

  dpkg -L openssl |grep -v share

  dpkg -L libssl-dev  (95 lines of output omitted)

Are there other parts of openssl I need to install?

I'm not figuring out how to direct this build toward openssl, but the
configure process continues to show:


  checking for OpenSSL... no


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