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Re: How to react on a factually wrong Debian wiki change ?

Jon Dowland wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 10:00:42PM +0200, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
>>wodim is factually abandoned by its cloners Joerg Jaspert, Steve McIntyre,
>>and Eduard Bloch. Its home page is gone, its change history is gone.
>That would be reason enough to avoid wodim IMHO... but it would also
>suggest that wodim should not be in the archive either. The binary
>package name wodim is currently provided by the src package cdrkit. Is
>that abandoned? (I'm asking this elsewhere, too)

The only 2 reasons I've had for keeping the cdrkit package in Debian

  1. hfs hybrid support in genisoimage, a topic that Thomas and I have
     spoken about in the past. Now that we no longer have powerpc in
     Debian stable and I don't have to care about making CD and DVD
     releases for it,

  2. icedax's support for extracting cd-text from audio CDs. As
     (also!) maintainer of abcde, that's a very useful feature. I'm
     not aware of anything else that supports it - suggestions

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