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Re: utilities


Brian wrote:
> You're after a fight, aren't you? :)

Given the topic, it would be unnatural if no branches and twigs would
appear in this thread. (My apologies to Thakur Mahashaya.)

I wrote:
> > (Hey. You smuggled the word "system" between "standard" and "utility.)

> Does it count as going off-topic?

It was a subtle but potentially effective move to create two strong
stems in the thread tree. Desktop versus headless. Congrats.

Dave Sherohman's statement about nearly nobody burning optical media
triggered my own branching reflexes. (That was stated already in 2006
when i started to learn about burner drives.)

> Aren't standard utilities whatever you want them to be?

That's trivially true, but too cheap an answer to this question.

> Who could live without netcat, midnight commander and oneko?

Does oneko get along well with netcat ?

Have a nice day :)


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