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Re: utilities

On 9/25/18 2:08 AM, Thakur Mahashaya wrote:
> Hi!
> Please tell me what is the list of standard utilities in Debian?....wget, apt, curl, transport-https, sources.list, man, dd, sha256sum,......what else?

I took a peek at /usr/share/tasksel/descs/debian-tasks.desc, and this is
what I see:

Task: standard
Description: standard system utilities
 This task sets up a basic user environment, providing a reasonably
 small selection of services and tools usable on the command line.
Packages: standard
Section: user
Test-new-install: mark skip

The standard system utilities task installs the package "standard"

But apparently when I try to get details on this package:

matthew@matt-tower:~$ apt show standard
N: Unable to locate package standard
N: Unable to locate package standard
E: No packages found

So I'm a little confused too.

Running tasksel on a running system, and I don't see an option for
standard system utilities etiher.

Maybe this is a bug in the installer?

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