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Re: kmail2 and TLS problem

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:54:11 AM EDT Hans wrote:

> Hi foilks,

> after last update of debian/testing I got into a problem with TLS.


> I can not get access to the mail servers running TLS. Also in the settings

> menu of kmail, I can not scan the server. Message: Server not reachable.


> However, the server is reachable, as kmail-trinity is working fine.


> This mail was sent via kmail-trinity.


> As I do not know, if this is a bug or a local problem on my system:


> Does anybody got into the same problem with actual kamil2 + debian/testing?


> Thank you very much for any feedback!


> Best regards


> Hans


Hello Hans,


Is the mail server "yours"?


If not, what do you mean that you can not get access to the mail server?


Can you ping the mailserver? Can you traceroute to the mailserver?


Has the network configuration on your debian-testing box changed?


These are some preliminary questions. Let's see where this goes?


My first guess is that there is some sort of a routing problem in your setup. Second guess is that there is a bug in debian/testing (that is why it is called testing).



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