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Re: Why does Debian allow all incoming traffic by default

I do not know, but:
- By default there are no services listening (except in
- A server is usually behind a router/firewall
- It is better that each user configure their system as they want, instead of having default values. Although it would be nice if the installer warns you that by default iptables does not have any rules.

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On 21 sept. 2018 5:04, Subhadip Ghosh < subhadip.sky@gmail.com> escribió:


I am using Debian and the recently I learned that a standard Debian
installation allows all 3 types of traffics especially incoming by
default. I know I can easily use iptables to tighten the rules but I
wanted to know the reasons behind the choice of this default behaviour
and if it makes the system more vulnerable? I tried searching on the
Internet but did not get any satisfactory explanation. It will be
helpful if anybody knows the answers to my questions or can redirect me
to a helpful document.


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