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Re: OT high-power radio broadcasting (was Re: red SATA cable corruption)

On Tuesday 18 September 2018 15:12:52 Nicholas Geovanis wrote:

> Go In Peace.
> Real radio engineering, despite everything, is a dying art/science.

Yes, its got so bad the ma & pa small town broadcaster has to call in a 
factory engineer to keep them on the air.  The days of the likes of 
Chester Simpson, Elmer Nelson, and me are about finished.

One day after I had been the CE at WDTV for about 3 years, '87 I think 
the local school sent up a couple bussloads of 8th graders, spring break 
I guess, and I got volunteered to give them the $5 tour, explaining how 
tv worked from our end. Getting to the end where I'd turned on the 
cameras and monitors in the news studio and let them all "see 
themselves" on tv, I wrapped up my speech by saying that someday I'll 
retire, and that I hoped I had several of them nipping at my heels 
wanting a pretty good job.

Blew me away, that was the best standup comedy they had heard in quite a 
while. "who would want a job like yours?"  Thats when I understood 2 
things, first that our educational system was well and truly broken if 
it wasn't making the technology of the day interesting enough, and that 
when I did retire, my replacement would need years of care and feeding 
before he would be ready to do what I'd been doing since 1964. I had him 
as an assistant for 5 or 6 years. It wasn't enough.

Now you know why my posts occasionally end with a sigh...
> Check out the Crystal Set Society, my man.
> Real Men, Real Women, Real Radios.
> https://www.midnightscience.net/

Chuckle.  My last crystal set was in '47.  Worked pretty good too. But 
when I took a room in Des Moines in 1951 so I'd be within walking 
distance of my job as the service tech at A.A.Schneiderhahn Co., fixing 
the zenith stuff the dealers couldn't fix for Iowa and the north half of 
Missouri, mother took the chance and cleaned out my old bedroom of 
everything but the bed & dresser.  Fairly new house I'd helped my 
stepfather build right after the war, and I'm the one who wired it, at 
13 yo.

I stopped in my old home town and visited that house in the fall of 2007, 
one my way home from saying goodbye to my oldest daughter who was dying 
of cancer, and did within a week, and my fuse box and wiring had finally 
been replaced during a remodel in 2005.

And once again, way off topic...

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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