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Re: where does fvwm get its xterm icon?


Kleene, Steven wrote:
> Yes.  If I put the cursor in the little screenshot and type a command
> (echoed in a font too small to read), it does execute there.

I wonder how many inadverted people shot their foot already.

Did you try the settings which helped me to get some normal icon and
to deactivate the shell as long as the window is iconized ?

  Style "XTerm"           IconOverride
  Style "XTerm"           Icon display.xpm

(The name of the .xpm file may be chosen freely, of course.)

Iirc, it was not necessary to restart fvwm (although this is supposed to
be harmless to the current desktop population).
I remember to have issued fvwm commands for experiments via the program

Have a nice day :)


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