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Re: Installing from live


David Wright wrote:
> > > It's generally recommended on this list that you install from netinst
> > > rather than from a live system.

Thakur Mahashaya wrote:
> > tell me why the network is better?

David Wright wrote:
> I follow this list, and keep an eye on others' reported problems;

Indeed, we had some failure reports with "live" of Debian 8 (iirc).
For a short while the advise of makers of "live" was "do not use for
But all known problems seem to be fixed. At least the download page
does not mention them any more:
The images are still named "live install". If the installation feature
was untrusted, i'd expect the word "install" to be removed.

Whatever, both "live" and "netinst" do not contain most of the Debian
packages. When you need to install some further packages, this will be
done via the internet.

So if Thakur's installation works fine so far, there is not much
difference to expect with an installation from "netinst".

"netinst" is supposed to be used by more people for installing than
"live", and it is the much smaller download.

Have a nice day :)


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