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Re: where does fvwm get its xterm icon?


Kleene, Steve wrote:
> I have this in ~/.fvwm/config:
> Style "XTerm"       Icon null.xpm, SloppyFocus, IconBox 200x200-1+8
> where null.xpm is intended to call /usr/share/pixmaps/fvwm/null.xpm, a
> zero-byte file I created.

Maybe fvwm is not happy with the zero size.
What happens if you put a file with a picture there ?

> It seems that fvwm has that image cached or built in somehow.

Did you already try searches like

   find /usr -name mini.xterm_48x48.xpm

> if I call "xterm &" and convert that to an icon, it appears as a
> live window screenshot, not as mini.xterm_48x48.xpm.

Does "live window screenshot" mean that the icon is willing to execute
blindly toggled shell commands ? 
I experienced such a problem with Debian 8. Without any Style "XTerm"
i got an "icon" which was indeed an active terminal with unreadble text.

I fixed this by these lines in .fvwm2rc (dunno where i learned them):

  Style "XTerm"           IconOverride
  Style "XTerm"           Icon display.xpm

The icon pixmap is probably
but the same one is also in

Have a nice day :)


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