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Re: LoadBalance With HA

Am 16.09.2018 um 14:38 schrieb Labs Ocozzi:
> Hi, i have a lab in my workstation, i like build 2 loadbalanced servers.What is best technology(free and open) for
> that, in debian?
> I need a good material for a simple enveroment, setup.

Depends on what your plan is. When balancing on layer 4, you may choose IPVS. Working on layer 7, HA-Proxy is your friend.

With IPVS, you can handle a *massive* amount of load. But it is not as versatile as HA-Proxy. And, which I have seen a lot becoming a problem when not planned properly, your IP network infrastructure is part of it.

HA-Proxy on the other hand gives you more options up to layer 7. Which is ACL, Certificate based authentication¹, SNI² and lots more...

Hence, as a beginner, HA-Proxy may fit your needs.

1) Does this work with IPVS?
2) Does SNI work with IPVS?

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