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Re: Bind: A caching local server caches but not for long

Le 17/09/2018 à 00:20, local10 a écrit :

So I set up a local caching server with bind. It seems to work, kind of, the problem is that cached results do not stay in cache for long, if they placed in cache at all. For example, in the example below bind caches the result for "old.reddit.com" but 8 minutes later tries to look up "old.reddit.com" again when it's supposed to have the result in cache.

old.reddit.com.		300	IN	CNAME	reddit.map.fastly.net.
reddit.map.fastly.net.	30	IN	A

These DNS records have short TTL, less than 8 minutes.
It is expected behaviour that a cached record is discarded when its TTL expires.
Check if BIND has options to force a minimal TTL on cached records.

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