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Re: The big, the bloated and the hungry

Étienne Mollier composed on 2018-09-15 10:15 (UTC+0200):

> Gene Heskett on 2018-09-15T10:04 CEST:

>> Erik Christiansen wrote:

>>> GUI stuff now runs slower than back then, and developers
>>> futz with look and feel, without adding life-enriching new
>>> functionality. I stopped upgrading Eagle years ago, as its
>>> UI just became harder to use.  And Firefox/Iceweasel is slow
>>> as a wet week, sometimes crashes, and is mostly a PITA.
>>> Kdon't kget kme kstarted kon KDE.

>>> At least the fusspots can't stuff up vim, mutt, fetchmail,
>>> procmail, awk, and the other daily basics.

>> Thats why I run TDE.

> If you wish software that sucks less, you might wish to consider
> building your own :

> 	https://suckless.org

> That's what I do for some time now, on top of Debian Sid.  :-)

KDE3 was stable and efficient, didn't need to be abandoned to (re)create KDE4
from scratch. In openSUSE, KDE3 remains available, though a little lighter for
having lost most maintainers and a few packages. TDE, the KDE3 fork, hasn't lost
any of what made KDE3 nice and stable, while acquiring a few improvements to
match morphing technology, keeping stability, avoiding useless bloat, and not
dumbing down its UI.
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