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Re: SyncTeX?

On 9/14/18 12:01 PM, Glenn English wrote:
Buster, Supermicro Xeon box.

Several times an hour, something is writing on my screen: "! SyncTeX
Error : No file?".

Hmmm, +1 -- I had ignored this, as the terminal I had been staring at for the last few days is running latex/emacs and some makefile that I had assumed has some synctex in it (but actually does not).

Buster amd64 on a W520 (core i7).  Would be glad to try suggestions...

If I hit RTN, I get a normal CLI prompt.

I don't know what it's doing, or what other things are sucking CPU
cycles. I don't know what started it, and I'd like to get rid of it.

I've rebooted -- still there. It didn't used to be, a couple updates ago.

I've looked for a .deb in /var/cache/apt... -- nothing.

I've looked in Aptitude for something installed -- there's a
libsynctex installed, and I started to delete it. But Aptitude said it
was a dependency of something that seems to have something to do with
GNOME (my GUI is XFCE4, but I'm aware that several things bring in
pieces of GNOME). I didn't delete it for fear of going to dependency

I've looked for something running in ps -- nothing.

Crazy-making; it litters my screen. Anyone have a suggestion/explanation?

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