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Re: Is GIMP seriously broken in Buster?

On 09/14/2018 07:52 AM, Gary Dale wrote:
> Am I missing something or is GIMP seriously broken? In my Buster/AMD64
> system, I open a picture, select a section and try to cut it and the
> whole picture disappears. I'm left with a white or transparent
> background. If I select a region and try to copy it, GIMP crashes.
> I'm reduced to using KolourPaint for the urgent editing work I'm trying
> to do.

I am running Buster and got problem with GIMP after recent update as well.
I get this message

"BABL version too old!

GIMP requires BABL version 0.1.56 or later.
Installed BABL version is 0.1.46.

Somehow you or your software packager managed
to install GIMP with an older BABL version.

Please upgrade to BABL version 0.1.56 or later."

Man with new problem now....

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