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NVIDIA drivers and virtual console problem

the NVIDIA drivers (384 from Debian and 390 repositories from the nvidia site) do not allow me to have "virtual consoles" (to be clear, those that are activated with Ctrl-Alt-F1 .. F6). By installing Nouveau the problem disappears, with the two different versions of the NVIDIA drivers the problem appears.

The video card is:

VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF119 [GeForce GT 520] (rev a1)

With the Nouveau drivers during the Boot there is a time when the video card switches from text mode to graphic mode (so to speak, when the [ok] in green are starting to appear). With the NVIDIA dirver it crashes while remaining in the text mode (lightdm is executed correctly).

I reported the bug with reportbug-ng, let's see what happens.

Thanks for your help.


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