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Re: Gimp Babl too old

On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 11:41:39AM -0500, Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
> Tixy wrote: "Sounds like the sort of thing the third party repository at
> deb-multimedia.org does...."
> Why do they do that? Simply to order their repository ahead of the others?
> So why not just advise people to change sources.list? It seems like they don't
> themselves make a statement on the subject.

Basically, people who use deb-multimedia.org want someone to package up
fresh versions of the kinds of tools that get updated frequently with
new features, while mostly maintaining the stability that comes with
running Debian Stable.

So deb-multimedia.org has audio and video editors, players, MythTV,
encoders, decoders, transmogrifiers, and so forth.

It's a little like backports, but outside of the Debian organization
and not necessarily adhering to Debian rules.

Conflicts are inevitable, but mostly minor, like what we have
in this example. It's not like they're packaging new glibc or
xorg, where a thousand packages can scream in agony.


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