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Re: ext2 for /boot ???

Le 12/09/2018 à 20:50, David Wright a écrit :

Now I think I can see the temptation to put all of /boot into the ESP:
mine contains a tree of files under grub/ plus the eight kernel files
one would expect—nothing that appears to conflict with a VFAT
filesystem—so the EFI directory would fit nicely there.

So what are the arguments against doing this (which I accept there may
well be)?

It does not work with Debian current practices regarding the location of boot files.

By default grub-install requires that the EFI partition be mounted on /boot/efi. If it is mounted on /boot, running grub-install would require using --efi-directory=/boot each time.

if there are multiple installations, they may share the same EFI partition but /boot should not be shared. By default kernel files go into /boot, so if there are multiple installations sharing the same EFI partition, all their kernel files go to the same location, making it a mess for the boot loader and possibly causing conflicts between installation which may use the same file names.

IMO this defeats the purpose of the EFI partition that multiple OSes can install boot files in it without conflicting with one another.

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