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Re: udev (without systemd) fails to find devices

On 2018-09-11 19:05 -0700, Bill Brelsford wrote:

> I recently upgraded the sid installation on an i386 machine.  With
> udev upgraded to 239-8, many devices are no longer detected during
> boot, e.g. usb, network card, video, audio.  I also have a
> not-upgraded buster partition on the same machine -- a large
> portion of its dmesg output is simply missing from sid's dmesg.

Maybe udevd has not even been started then.  What does
"/usr/sbin/service udev status" say?

> The kernel was also upgraded (to 4.18.0-1), but booting the old
> kernel (4.17.0-3) also fails.  So it appears to me to be a bug in
> udev, possibly connected to my not running systemd.  I haven't
> seen that anyone else is affected, so wanted to check here before
> submitting a bug report.  Anyone else?  Any other ideas?

The udev init script has seen some changes in 239-8.  Offhand the only
one which could explain the problem is that systemd-udevd is now started
via start-stop-deamon[1].  I don't have any systemd-less system to test
myself, though.


1. https://salsa.debian.org/systemd-team/systemd/commit/e803efca59978aa5bb1d8806247f986d0c0f7e67

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