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I am new to proxy


I change my work place and I can have a Linux computer at work. The network at work is with proxy, so after reading about it I was able to make apt from the netinstall disk to talk with proxy. I have now a working Debian stable running. The proxy settings were in fact a *.pac file, which I downloaded as text and read the content. The proxy:8080 did not work so I use now username:password@proxy:8080. I have my username and password in clear in the following files: /etc/profile, /etc/apt/apt.conf and /etc/wgetrc.
Is this the proper way? Those files have 644 permissions. Is there a way to put the username/password combo in a file, say /etc/credentials (permissions 400 or 600) and somehow export those for the proxy?
I start to read about cntlm that uses hash password, but somehow this do not work for me. I get "Credentials rejected" and "Wrong credentials, invalid URL or proxy doesn't support NTLM nor BASIC."
What solutions are there to avoid to store the username/password so many times in unsafe config files?

Thank you for any hint.


P.S. I use Debian since 1997.

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