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Re: ext2 for /boot ???

deloptes composed on 2018-09-12 08:02 (UTC+0200):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> How often does /boot get written to, as much as 5 minutes per year? All my
>> /boot partitions are EXT2, (in part) /because/ it has no journaling.

> I had the same for years, but recently I upgraded the boot partition to
> ext3 - it is more reliable in case for example when power cuts and you have
> to recover on the fly.

> This is the main argument using something with journal for boot - as it can
> repair itself transperently

If the filesystem is being written to less than 5 minutes per year, what do you
suppose the odds are that power could be lost during any portion of that less
than 5 minutes of writing? Given my PCs are all running on backup power, the
odds are virtual zero. I want my boot partitions accessible no matter what I
boot, even if it means booting using a Windows 98 floppy disk, attaching it via
USB to a Mac, or booting an ancient PC running a pre-2.4 kernel. EXT2 has
maximum backward compatibility.
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