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Re: A Very Bad umount

=?UTF-8?Q?=c3=89tienne_Mollier?= <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org> writes:
> Good Day,
> Not sure if that is the kind of answer you would wish to
> expect, but have you considered doing umounts sequentially?
> (optionally after synchronizing file systems)
>         sync
>         umount /var/cache/rsnapshot
>         umount /rsnapshot2
>         umount /rsnapshot1
> Each call is blocking, so it will help perhaps...
> Kind Regards,
> --
> Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org>

	Thank you.  I was thinking of trying that very thing next.

If things are quiet for a month or so, I'll think it worked.


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