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[OT] Re: Wrappers and emulation (was Bug#908349)


Reco wrote:
> Wait. You're *the* Thomas Schmitt who wrote xorriso?

Yep. I am the current developer of libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, cdrskin,

There were others involved, though.
libburn was forked from a half-dead project in 2006. Not more than 25
percent of the code is still from there. libisofs was founded by Vreixo
Formoso. I took over in 2008. Now i'd say 50 percent are by me.
Vreixo was involved in libisoburn, too. But that was only a short time.

> I have to take it back then. A compatibility wrapper can exceed the
> original indeed.

Well, xorriso _has_ two compatibility wrappers built in, but other than
cdrskin it _is_ a project without direct paragon. One can look at it as
the next step beyond growisofs by Andy Polyakov.

To be clear:
All my emulators or wrappers have their shortcommings towards the
originals (no exotic CD modes except data and audio, no UDF, no HFS).
But they also make use of capabilities of libburn or xorriso, which
are not present in cdrecord or mkisofs.

So trying to be compatible on user interface level does not tell much
about the pros and cons of original and emulator.

Have a nice day :)


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