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[Solved!] Re: Getting rid of Wilber

10 days ago, Brad Rogers wrote:
> We still don't appear to be able to remove Wilber from the main window,
> however.

Meanwhile, I've made considerable progress though. In Gimp 2.10 in buster
there are four styles in /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes: Dark, Gray, Light,
System.  In Light/gtkrc you'll find this code:

style "kde_hack_2"
  bg[NORMAL] = "#DDDDDD" #Sets canvas BG

Changing DDDDDD to 3C3C3C makes the background color equal to the color of
the logo, so you don't see it any more.
The same goes for Gray/gtkrc, where you can change 777777 into 000000.
I did not find such options for the 'Dark' and the 'System' theme though.

However, I found another great solution that works for both Gimp 2.8 in
stretch and 2.10 in buster.  It's the themes of the Gimp Theme Project:
There are 6 themes, ranging from dark to light, inspired by the Adobe CS
Suite. Taken from the description: "Turn off Wilber Logo - small and big
logo turned off by default".

The download button does not seem to work nowadays, but in the comment
that starts with 'I think I've tracked it down' a download link is
mentioned, so put wget in front of it:

$ wget https://web.archive.org/web/20160213025658/http://rgb4u.com/share/gimp-theme-project.zip

Note, however, that gimp-theme-project.zip is a .tar.gz file, not a .zip
file. So, rename .zip to .tar.gz and unpack:

$ tar xfz gimp-theme-project.tar.gz

In the 01_Themes folder you'll find 12 themes, that is, 6 different shades
of gray, each one of them with or without some blue added.
The creator has Gimp 2.8 for Windows in mind, so the themes folder
mentioned here is C:\Users\your-user-name\.gimp-2.8\themes\ .
For Linux, this easily translates into /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes,
or ~/.gimp-2.8/themes in stretch, or ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/themes in buster.

In Gimp, in Edit > Preferences > Interface > Theme, you can set the new
I find it's a great professional look. And most important of all, that
annoying creature has finally gone. From several places in the internet
I find that I am not the only one that would like to get rid of it.

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