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Re: Bug#908349: firefox-esr: no sound after upgrading from 52.9 to 60.2

On Monday, September 10, 2018 05:49:01 AM Reco wrote:
> It's the usual. A compatibility wrapper can never exceed the original.

Hmm, I don't see why it couldn't in some sense -- I'm trying to think of how 
to say what I want to say, let me try a made-up example.

Suppose some piece of software is running (or trying to run) on a piece of 
hardware where some function does not work because the software was written to 
depend on a certain set of (let's say machine) instructions which don't exist 
on that particular machine.  But, on a Turing complete machine, I'd expect 
other instructions to exist which, perhaps by substituting a long series of 
such other instructions, the missing machine instructions could be emulated.

As a(n almost) real world example, at least once (and I'm pretty sure more 
than once) Intel built a chip that had some hardware errors (I'm remembering 
what I think is the first one, maybe as many as 20 years ago) when the floating 
point operations gave incorrect results for at least some inputs.

Intel created a fix (a compatibility layer, in my choice of words) that fixed 
the problem.

If the problem is that Firefox can't produce sound in some or all 
circumstances because it doesn't support ALSA, yet ALSA is the sound system 
running on the machine, a compatibility layer could be created that (without 
getting the details correct) translated the sound instructions that Firefox 
issues into ALSA instructions.

Hmm, did I react too much to that simple statement -- maybe, I just think it 
is an un-necessarily limiting statement to "our" thinking.

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